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Field, Show, Obedience, Agility, and wonderful pets...
Talent in every venue and looks to match.
Born November 8, 2019

Ch Dare's Royal Troon DJ (Watson)
has been bred to
GCH. Dare's Smarter than a 5th Grader CGC DN (Foxxy)
Watson is a stunning Scottish dog bred from semen imported from Scottland. He is the grandson of Crufts Best in Show winner. He carries some of the finest US and British lines in the breed. Watson will be back in the show ring this spring, working on his Grand Champion title.
Foxxy is a lovely balanced girl that aims to please. She is just a few points shy of her "Bronze" Grand Champion title that she should finish quickly after these pups. Her pedigree carries some of the nicest field and show lines.
Six beautiful girls (black)
Priority will be given to working and show homes.
Ace went to a WONDERFUL home in MN to hunt ducks and pheasants.!!!!!!!!!
Ace found a WONDERFUL home in MN..hunting ducks and pheasant. Ace is NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Meet ACE. Ace is from Jive's final litter. He was born on September 22, 2017. We had kept Ace to show him, as he is a GORGEOUS boy. Sadly one of his testicles did not descend making him ineligible to compete in the conformation ring. HOWEVER, he will make a TERRIFIC performance, hunting, or pet.  He has been started on birds and shows great drive. He is crate trained, started obedience, clicker training has started, and of course up to date on all vaccines etc...He is a healthy , happy puppy but will need to be neutered when he gets older. Dad and mom are pictured below also.

PLEASE consider adopting one of the Flat Coats that may be available through FCRSA rescue. Visit the FCRSA rescue page.

Let's give some older babies a chance for a good home. You can often bypass most of the annoying puppy behaviors!  


This time of year breeders get many inquiries about puppies. 
 Please remember that obtaining a puppy should be a well planned event. It is not a decision that is made quickly and without forethought and planning.
Responsible Flat Coat breeders often have a waiting lists for their puppies. Remember "Good things come to those who wait." Don't be surprised to find that you will have to get on such a list if you are serious about a Flat Coat pup.
Responsible Flat Coat breeders are VERY VERY protective of this wonderful breed. Don't be offended by all the questions we ask. We want to be sure you know what you are getting yourself into and we want to feel safe with the decision we make about where we place our puppies. As responsible breeders we are putting our years of experience, countless hours of work, our reputation, and most importantly our beloved puppies in the hands of our puppy buyers...we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the choice.
We spend so many hours with our puppies and perspective buyers to learn what the buyer is looking for in a pup and then we match the puppy to the home. Seldom, if ever, do we allow people to "pick" their own pup. We would not want a high energy field dog in a home that was looking for a more laid back pet, nor would we want a laid back pet in a home looking for a more active show dog. We spend time developing a trust between buyer and seller and evaluating our puppies for suitability in their new homes. All pups are temperament tested at 7 weeks and evaluated for working, show potential.
We reserve the right to refuse placement of our pups with anyone at anytime. We will gladly refund deposits if we are not comfortable that we have the right puppy for the buyer. ALL pups are sold with a contract dependent on the nature of the venue for which the pup will be used. 

ALL puppies are micro-chipped with pre-payed registration. Breeder remains as a contact on the microchip number.